Phaxas is a Cuban-American multi-faceted artist that is driven by a fascination of audio and sound design. Born and raised in Miami, FL, she creates from a need to express concepts through bass, rhythm, and electronics. Emerging from a passionate involvement as a sound engineer for various venues and musical acts, and shortly thereafter as a performer for a nationally touring electronic act organicArma, Phaxas has carved out a space as a solo electronic producer, remixer, and DJ. With influences from House, Electro, Bass and Post-techno music, she creates a fresh breed of rhythmically-complex yet melodically warm electronica. Her skillsets as an audio engineer, sound artist, and live performer make for a sonically palpable and hyped atmosphere. 


She is part of a female all-vinyl DJ collective who have a weekly residency called Waxy at Miami’s beloved Wynwood venue, Gramps.She co-founded and

co-hosted a weekly internet radio show called Mashene along with fellow DJ Heather Holiday, which focuses on women in electronics. She has collaborated as sound designer with visual artists, and most recently was the audio engineer that designed a multi-channel system for artist Sasha Wortzel’s multimedia installation at Oolite Arts. In the last 3 years she has self-released a full-length album, a four-track EP, and a remix compilation. Additionally, in 2020 she specially released two tracks featured in compilations that raised funds and awareness for Black Lives Matters and Environmental Education respectively.​

Notable performances


III Points Music Festival

House of Creatives Music Festival


Afrobeta's Mooncake Festival

Klangbox's Klangbang

Lemon City Day School


Peréz Art Museum Miami









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