Emerging from a passionate involvement as a sound engineer and shortly thereafter as a performer for a nationally touring electronic act, Phaxas has carved out a space as a solo electronic producer, remixer, and DJ.  With influences from post-techno, house, and bass music, she creates a fresh breed of rhythmically-complex electronica.  Phaxas’ music is a fusion of these influences combined with strains of classic dance music and syncopations laden with a binaural warmth and deep basslines. Her skillsets as an audio engineer, artist, and live performer make for a sonically palpable and hyped atmosphere.Her notable gigs include: III Points festival, Artopia, Afrobeta's Mooncake fest, Klanbox's Klangbang, Lemon City Day School, Gramps, and several gallery spaces.  She co-hosts a weekly internet radio show called Mashene along with fellow dj Heather Holiday,  which focuses on women in electronics.‚Äč